We offer professional in home private dog training and or local park training lessons. Private lessons are designed to help teach dog owners on how to better communicate with the canines weekly. Each lesson brings on a new challenge. Using the Bay Area K9 Training’ method, we teach handlers how to instill good behavior in there canines. Group lessons are a great way to socialize your dog and teach them how be to behave around other dogs and people. Here are list of the programs we offer to enroll email to schedule a free evaluation.



Level 1 Obedience ( 5 Private x 5 Group ) Call or Email For A Quote

  • Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Recall, Heel, Climb, Off
  • Tricks ( Paw, Roll Over, Speak, Touch )
  • Crate Training, Potty Training, House Breaking, Problem Solving.
  • No unwanted behaviors such as jumping, chewing, barking, excessive barking
  • Group Socialization & Training Classes w/ other dogs



Level 2 Intermediate Obedience ( 8 Private x 8 Group ) Call or Email For A Quote

  • Includes Level 1
  • Build a foundation toward playing with toys.
  • Ball retrieval & How to play tug properly
  • Increase duration of behaviors w/ distractions
  • Focused Heeling & Touch Pad Training
  • In Motion Sit & Down, Recall, Finish under distraction
  • Loose leash walking in a crowd of people and dogs
  • Distractions Phase: Desensitize to crowds of pedestrians, bicyclists, other dogs, loud noises, real life reliability
  • Food refusal of strangers, pass by food on floor toward owner
  • Group Socialization & Obedience Training



Level 3 Off Leash Program ( 12 Private x 12 Group ) Call or Email For A Quote

  • Includes Level 1 & 2
  • Absolute Off-Leash Obedience & Distant Obedience
  • Off leash Focused Heeling, In motion Sit, Down & Stand, Come, Recall.
  • Off leash walking under heavy distraction, around other people and dogs.
  • Long Sit & Down at a distance under heavy distraction with dogs, loud noises and strangers present.
  • Food Refusal of strangers, pass by food on floor toward owner & Recall Off Leash
  • Advanced Tricks: Spin, Place between legs, Touch, Search around multiple objects.
  • Ball Retrieval, Learn to play tug with your dog for obedience exercises & motivation where ever you go



Monthly Group Training

$89 monthly or $25 per class

  • Pre-requisite at least 2 Private Lessons
  • Maintain Socialization, Obedience Training
  • Create clear communication around other Bay Area K9’s
  • Group Class contains 10-15 dogs per class
  • Location: 4594 Paradise Knolls, Castro Valley, Ca 94546
  • Date & Time: Every Sunday at 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
  • Rainy Day Policy, if it rains 2 hours prior to group class, it will be canceled and will not count against your singed classes.